Replace your corporate salary, working half the hours & loving the work 10x as epic would that feel, Coach!


Imagine showing up daily with clarity & confidence in your business as you make predictable revenue transforming lives!


Welcome to the 4-month Coach 2 CEO Mastermind, a small group container (max 10) for committed coaches - inc. 1:1 sessions & live group lessons (you're all VIP!) 


I'm interested, tell me more!


You're a coach who's truly tapping into her unique gifts, and wants to be putting it out there in a way that consistently attracts clients and gives you the income that you desire in your business. 

You know you need to not only have clarity on the specific revenue generating actions that will guarantee to take you to a six figure income, but you also need to have the internal compass so that you can trust yourself to make powerful decisions, and not consistently look for external validation, or look to others to tell you what's best for you. 

Welcome to the Coach 2 CEO Mastermind - you're in the right place!


I'm Ready to Make the Leap!

You’ve been sure for a while that being a coach is for you...that was easy!  But...


When you see all the "get to $100k months in 3 months" promises that don't actually deliver;


$1000 courses for attracting your ideal clients that will take forever to get results (if you even bother going through it!);


Icky sales tactics that you don't want to learn but you haven't seen another way...


...You wonder...

Is that how I want to build my business empire?


🀦‍♀️ Spending years “figuring it out” the hard way

πŸ€” Trying all the different tactics & waiting for results that feel like they may never come

🀯 Doing everything you think you should even when it doesn't feel right...because you don't know what is the right way is for you

 Truth is

You want to start signing 4-figure clients. Now!

You want to be sure that your business will pay your bills, allow you to have time with family & actually allow you to coach clients.

I’ve been there!

I became a coach to do work that was fulfilling but quickly lost sight of what mattered.  Even with 16 years experience as a CEO having built multiple 7-figure businesses, I thought I would have to start again with online coaching.

I was wrong.


You need to make powerful decisions in your business that make you money. 


Whether you are scaling hospitality businesses to 7-figures (which I have) or scaling an online business to multi-six figures (which I also have), the skills required don’t change.


I know, you've been told that what you need is:

πŸ€” a lead magnet,

πŸ€” multiple offers,

πŸ€” some low ticket options for your clients to “get to know you”,

πŸ€” or that it takes time to sell more premium priced offers…


When really, what you need is:

πŸ’« a unique transformational premium offer

πŸ’« a simple, spacious, business strategy

πŸ’« design your business functions, systems & rhythms so it feels easy

πŸ’« strong CEO Mindset that is essential for business success 

Imagine what this would feel like


I Want To Know More!



After 16 years as an entrepreneur and coach, chances are, you probably fall into one of these three categories:


Inspired Coach 


You’re ready to help others with your experience and all that you've been through in the past. 

But you feel frustrated and confused at how to actually connect with the people you want to help.  Where are they?




You’re all in, qualified and going full time as a coach.  You have many offers, you’ve compared yourself to others in the market and you’re hustling hard.

But you’re earning only $55k a year as a coach working full time and that’s not sustainable.  Things have to change to make this a success!


Impressive Coach


“You’re crushing it”, or so it seems.  You have 4-figure offers and make sales, but it’s inconsistent and it feels like alot of work for sometimes little reward. 

Business is growing but without the ease that you crave, and there’s lot's of fear as it’s all so unpredictable. 


Does it feel like I'm speaking to you, coach?  


My clients & I, we have a category all of our own - one that is desired by all coaches but very few manage as they don’t realise what’s involved.


Let me introduce the CEO Coach:


A coach with a simple business that is predictable, growing steadily with high demand for the services offered, & enough white space on the calendar that Wednesday afternoons off to go to your kids sports day is a non-negotiable.


Tell Me More


This category is what we get you to in the Coach 2 CEO Mastermind:

YOU become the CEO Coach who is able to make predictable income coaching clients, without working 12 hour days & loving the work ;-)




🍾 having a premium priced offer, achieving mind-blowing results for your clients & attracting a steady stream of ideal clients to work with you consistently;

🍾 working no more than 5 hours a day & earning consistent 4-figures a month because you set up your business in a way that creates predictable income;

🍾 a strong vision for your business and clear growth path leaving no doubt that multiple 6-figures is guaranteed, without having to work harder;

🍾 clients actively seeking you out and saying that you're the answer they've been looking for.


Yes! I'm Ready For That!
I'm ready to make the leap
I'm ready to make the leap
I'm Ready to be a CEO!


4-month exclusive Business Mentorship & Mastermind experience that will guide you to... 


Create a clear roadmap to effectively market & sell your offers, designing a business to create predictable multiple 6-figure income without feeling like you have to keep trying new strategies & without burning yourself out


βœ… working less hours as you serve more clients
βœ… having a few simple offers that generate all your revenue
βœ… hiring teams & establishing solid business processes

Develop a CEO Mindset so you make powerful decisions in your business that make you money & trust yourself as the leader of your business

How Would This Change Your Life?

6-months after working together and Nicole is still benefiting from the shifts she went through in the container.  She has fully launched her business and has continued to develop what she wanted to do.

Lots of layers were peeled away when she invested in the mastermind.

She really craved the entrepreneurial know-how for her business, learning by taking action even when she didn’t know how it would turn out, but she learned to trust that it would.

She quit her job with certainty and feels so optimistic about her future.

I'm Ready to Make the Leap!

From full-time employee to full-time CEO, with a 4-figure client before she had even quit work!

Working and being in the mastermind at the same time  meant she could get the knowledge before being full-time in her business. It also meant she had a much smoother start when she did go full time into her business. 

The mastermind led Nancy to take steps that she wouldn’t have considered, which created more clarity & certainty for her.

She benefitted by learning from the others in the group which reinforced a lot of the material. 

Nancy felt safe to be vulnerable in the group.

I want this too!



  • You clarify the problem that you solve for your ideal client.  Irresistibly package & 

     sustainably price your offer.


  • You know how to speak to your ideal client so that they reach out to work with you & you know exactly how (& if) you can help them. 


  • You love your offer so much that it no longer feels like a sell - you feel/know you are providing a service & impacting people by telling them about it.


  •  You feel confident & clear as you continue to decide & define your next best steps having stepped into your CEO identity.


  • You have guaranteed Momentum in the highest impact areas of your business.  You take imperfect & needle-moving action

We do this in 3 Simple Steps

 PHASE 1 - CEO Confidence

First, you're going to apply my POWER Framework, which will establish the key pillars to your business, allowing you to scale to multiple six figures over the next three years. 

πŸ’« Craft a compelling offer that encompasses your unique gifts and places you in demand. 

πŸ’« Learn the best strategy to attract clients that you confidently can get results for without feeling like you need to chase them or convince them of your value. 

πŸ’« Implement my 5-step roadmap to maximise the return on your energy quickly, giving your business a sense of ease and joy. 


 PHASE 2 - Make Money Moves

Be seen as the go to person for the problems that you solve without feeling like your message is confusing to your audience and without the fear of really putting yourself out there and being seen.

πŸ’« Sell with heart - take the ickiness out of sales calls and instead replace it with a very natural flowing conversation that gets clients effortlessly saying yes, and even saying thank you for selling to them the way you did.

πŸ’« Stop procrastinating, self sabotaging & second guessing yourself being stuck in constantly tweaking, tweaking, tweaking and not taking action. 

 PHASE 3 - Accelerate Results

πŸ’« Discover the reasons why you've been feeling stuck and stagnant and learn my specific process to clog those energetic leaks, so that you feel like your business is getting more results with greater ease and without having to overexert yourself


πŸ’« Learn the essentials to go from being an overexerted coach to an in demand CEO by learning how to avoid certain red flags, ID what mistakes you are making currently that are keeping you in this hustle mode & what are the mindset upgrades that will allow you to call in more premium clients without having to feel in misalignment.


 Let's Recap:


Throughout there is an emphasis on action - this program only works when you do.


The benefits of the work we do in this time and the action we take last well beyond the 4-months. 


If you did nothing else but implement what you learn in these 4-months, you could generate multiple 6-figures in revenue and have enough to work on for the next 3 years as the CEO of your business.





you will know the exact shifts that you need to make to finally step into being the CEO of your coaching business so that you can replace your corporate salary, working half the time and loving the work 10x as much


If not you, then who? Ready!

You recognise that you have focused so much on being an amazing coach, you now need to focus on being the CEO of your business

Are you available to receive all this (& more) in just 4 months?

Yes! I'm available for this!

The mastermind evolved over a couple of years to what it is today (this is now the 7th round), so it's more focused, potent & a safer investment than ever!


"Before we worked together I didn't know anything about starting a business".  

Ashvey finally really understood boundaries in her life. She was undercharging, burnt out and had no idea about business before she joined the mastermind.

So much has changed and she doesn’t recognise herself. The container was a full transformation of business and life.

She enjoyed being challenged in a way that worked for each of us, not just a cookie-cutter approach.

She loved how the answers come from within each person, the gentle but firm and fair approach really created results.

I'm Ready to Make the Leap!



βœ… You’re a coach, gifted healer, or offering transformational services and you want to have a thriving business offering these services.

βœ… You want to feel supported by a mentor who really understands you.

βœ… You want to shorten the time it takes to get results (you’re ready for that life you dream of NOW!).

βœ… You’re a Woman who is ready to be unapologetic about her desire to be successful!

βœ… You want to be a coach who is all in on her business - it’s not a hobby, it’s what you do, it’s who you are.

βœ… You take action (for best results in this mastermind you will be required to take action).

βœ… You want a business that doesn’t take over your life - you love coaching but you also love ….(insert all the other things you love doing in life!).

βœ… You’re only ready to work with a coach and mentor who is qualified to support you.

βœ… You want to be in a community with other women who are also building their businesses.

βœ… You value your most finite resource - your time! And want to leap-frog years of “doing all the things” so you can focus on doing the right things.


Yes, That's me!

This Mastermind Is Not For You If:


❌ You’re worried about investing in more support before you make some money with your coaching.

❌ You’re a coach and you really don’t want to be the boss of your growing empire (hint: this could be an issue because if you’re not the boss, who is?)

❌ You aren’t ready to take action as a way of learning and getting results - you want the solutions to be given to you without you being the coach who does the work.

❌ You wish that someone else would just send you the clients to coach so you didn’t have to focus on being the CEO. 

❌ You feel that any investment has to lead to immediate financial results so you feel desperate or have needy energy. 


What you get


16 live 2-hour group sessions run by Sumeena to understand all the material being shared, mastermind with the group and discuss anything that's coming up. 
These sessions are invaluable not only for the content learnt and the group support, but also the personalised coaching and insights.  They are an essential addition to the 1:1 sessions with Sumeena.


Payment Options (all prices are in USD)

One time payment of $8,500 OR
Five monthly payments of $1,750. 


Sign up by July 2023 to access the lessons early & save $1,000. 



2 Hour 1:1 session with Sumeena using NLP Tools to completely reset old beliefs & stories holding you back from your best life. (Value $750)
6 one-to-one Sessions with Sumeena during the 4 months to design your irresistible offer, create your marketing plan, move your business forward with Sumeena's full genius on your business. (Value $3000)
4 CEO Deep Dive Sessions (value $1,000)


Personalised Human Design Reading for Business with expert Iris Patrizia to truly maximise your energy for ease & flow. (value $250)
Facebook Community exclusive to the Mastermind for accountability, collaboration & bonus trainings during the 4 months. (Value $1,500)
Exclusive meditations recorded to support each phase of the mastermind so the lessons & upgrades are integrated into the sub-conscious, guaranteeing results (value $600).


Unforgettable Bonus - an experience with lots of fun, Peers & Biz-Besties for life, New CEO identity, & a life designed by you that you LOVE!  A truly transformational experience that will change you forever. (Invaluable)



The next Coach2CEO Mastermind starts on the 4th of September 2023 with weekly sessions every Wednesday at 9am EST/2pm UK. 
The final session will be on the 20th of December 2023.


I want to book a call!

6-Figure Tool Kit Guarantee

You'll have ALL the tools you need to build your 6-figure coaching business with simplicity, predictable income & solid foundations!


Frequently Asked Questions

I'm ready to make the leap

Hi, My Dear! I'm Sumeena,


I’m a CEO who has spent the past 16 years as the founder behind some of Indonesia’s most well-reputed hotels and restaurants. While this work informed so much of what I teach, a few years ago, I found myself deeply unfulfilled.  I turned to a coach for help.


That work helped me realise that my dharma/purpose is to support women to become leaders in the world, so that we change generations together.


So I started my 7th Business, this business. I now support coaches to deliver their much needed and invaluable genius to the world (and have left my other 6 businesses in the capable hands of my husband and my team, while advising from the sidelines).


Here’s one thing I know for sure – the world needs more Female Leaders, Bosses, CEOs like you.

And I’m here to facilitate that. 


My role as a Business Coach and Mentor is to support this transformation by sharing my gifts as a coach, working closely with you to release old beliefs and create new ones for who you are becoming.  


I bring all of me to your evolution - proven strategy, NLP tools, Coaching tools, my gifts, my  business experience & my powerful intuition to guide you.


I’m the right guide for you if you love to be seen, encouraged, challenged to fulfil your potential & seek safety in relationships with people you work with so you know you can be your full, unapologetic self. I don’t do one size fits all. 


We are creating unique businesses that have no competition - because no-one else is you.  Off the shelf doesn’t cut it.  You need to shine your Uniqueness bright into the world so your ideal clients can step forward to work with you, and only you.  


Let’s get started, shall we?


Yes - ready to get started!

“As soon as I invested in the mastermind, I knew it was the shift I needed…I put my stamp on me.  My investment in myself made me step up and stop playing small.  My husband also started to support my work, as he mirrored my belief in me.  This programme is like giving birth to the new me. 

I also realised I was blocking my own financial abundance - the unexpected benefit was the inner work.  My key thing I realised is I can be myself & still be the CEO.  I have all I need to build my business for the next few years”.

I want to be a CEO!

Virginia went from being not sure what to focus on to having a great rhythm for her business. This was the solid foundation she craved.

She learned how to do the right things and not do all the things.

She developed a sustainable business that felt manageable and learned how to structure her business so there was a rhythm to it.

She feels she learnt a lot of information and now she has all she needs to keep growing her business over the next few years.

"Find someone to support your growth - why do it alone?"

I want support!

Final Message from Sumeena 


If you’ve made it this far, something has spoken to you.

I encourage you to ask yourself - what would it take for you to invest in yourself, in your dream, in what you truly desire?

Are you open to receiving all you desire?!

Are you ready to do what it takes because you know - your wealthy life depends on it.  

The life where you show up for the work you do every day, fueled by knowing that you could do this all day long, for free!

I encourage you to ask yourself, what happens if you don’t do anything today?  What happens if you leave this page without booking a call or making a soul-felt Yes decision that joining this mastermind is your next best step.

If you know you’ll still achieve all you want to achieve in your coaching business without signing up today, then I couldn’t be happier for you!  I hope our paths keep crossing  in this wonderful world!

But if you do have a strong pull to connect further, book a call, talk through your vision and decide if this investment is for you:

Then let’s talk!  I look forward to supporting you in making a decision on your next best steps or hearing that you’re already a firm Yes! (that’s a real boss move!)

See you in my zoom room!

Book a call!