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business confidence Jun 01, 2022
business investment

Building a thriving coaching practice is a dream that's possible for you as a coach.  It's a beautiful way to serve the world, to support people you love to work with, and to do work that you love!

But if you're like me, you've maybe felt this way - unsure on what it takes to build a coaching practice.  This is what I felt when I first decided to become a coach.  Despite business success in hospitality, having built multiple businesses, it was very different to be selling an intangible asset like coaching to a mostly virtual audience.  It was nothing like selling hotel rooms or food in my restaurant! 

Almost 3 years after stepping into the coaching industry, I can confidently say that I have realised 3 key areas that are worth investing in as a coach.  These areas are so essential to the success of your coaching practice, that once you invest in these you will attract clients and grow your business with confidence and trust in yourself as the CEO.

The first of these is your skill as a coach.

Very quickly I started to realise something - if I wanted to be a coach who could really do my work with integrity then I wanted to be qualified.

As integrity and excellence are values for all my previous businesses, I knew these were also valid for my coaching business.  So I knew I had to do something about it.  This means taking the time you need to actually know how to coach a person in the way that you want to, to a standard that makes you proud of your work.  Of course, this takes investment and is a process, often with supervision.  But if you want to feel confident in selling your services, you have to have confidence in what you do. 

For those who are new coaches, the skill would be developed by offering coaching from a place where you do have confidence.  This could be by coaching clients through a process that you have full confidence in, like one that has been shared with you by your coaching school.  Or it could be coaching people that you are a few steps ahead of in a particular process that they want to learn (like coaching people on how to change careers).  It could also mean coaching clients in only the areas you are fully confident in while you develop your other skills.

What you don't want to do is not coach - nothing helps you become a better coach than actually coaching clients.  Plus - you're taking away the opportunity from your future client to have their life transformed by you!

The second investment is in your mindset. 

As coaches, we know how to coach others to support them through their beliefs, thoughts and emotions.  Especially when these are holding them back from what's available to them.

However, we can't perform mind surgery on ourselves!  We sometimes fall into the pattern of self coaching, by journaling or meditation.  Although this practice is invaluable, you can't perform brain surgery on yourself.  You only see what you can see.  The power of a coach supporting you with your mindset, especially around growing your coaching practice, is unmatched by self-coaching.

To have someone reflect back to you what could be holding you back, to mirror back to you some of your own thoughts and beliefs that no longer serve you, is essential to any rapid growth.  Along with the accountability that a coach brings to your growth, you will notice how you're able to clear up your thoughts as a business owner and a coach.  This will support the growth of your coaching practice over the years as every level of growth brings its own needs for mindset support.

Thirdly, it's essential that you invest in support so you know how to run a business

As a coach who wants to build a successful coaching practice, investing in a Business Coaching Programme is a non-negotiable. It's important to recognise that you are now a business owner as well as a coach.  Unless you plan to work as a coach for a coaching school, you will be the CEO of your business - if not you, who?

This means understanding what it means to be a business owner and CEO.  This includes growing your business (marketing & sales) as well as delivering your client magical results and developing the systems to support your business. 

You're a personal brand, entrepreneur and CEO overnight once you decide to become a coach!

And often the coaches I meet as a Business Coach & Mentor haven't thought about this.  Have you thought about this?  You have worked hard to become skilled at coaching, and are the best in the world, but you find it hard to attract clients and grow your business.  This stops your business from thriving, leaving you unsure if you can keep coaching.  I'm sure you want a coaching practice that sustains your lifestyle and even makes you wealthy.  And why not!  We need more money in the hands of women, this only leads to good things and change that's much needed in this world.

More importantly, you need a coaching practice that grows and generates revenue so you don't have to go back to your day job.  I want all coaches like you to be able to coach for as long as you want - building a business that doesn't burn you out and allows you to design a wealthy life.  A wealthy life means you have money, time and energy to do all the things that you want to do.

This is why I created the Coach 2 CEO Mastermind & Mentorship Programme.  To guide coaches to trust themselves as the CEO of their coaching business as they design a wealthy life.  If you want to know more about this, all the details are here.

Take me to the Coach 2 CEO details.

It's fully possible for you to build a thriving coaching practice, there is evidence of this everywhere!  The road for any entrepreneur can be long, and with an intangible asset like coaching, sometimes it seems even longer.  But as a heart centred coach, investing in the 3 areas mentioned here - your skills as a coach, your mindset and your business skills, you will make your journey to building a successful business smoother, shorter and defiantly more fun!

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