Business Banter Podcast is Go!

women in business May 05, 2022

An afternoon on the beach, ice-cold coconut milk coffee frappe in hand and serious sea breeze messing with the hair brings on the best ideas.

What do you reckon?

Or maybe it's walking aimlessly around the supermarket, making sure you have enough spaghetti to last the week and, of course, the cheerios (at least you didn't forget your kid's favourite sweet and crunchy cereal for breakfast tomorrow!).

Either way, ideas sometimes strike and, as with so many of the most important decisions in my life, it's an if-not-now-when moment.

So when it was clear that the conversation in the business world needed some refreshing (in particular online business), I got my mic out and took a few clearing deep breaths.

Lucky for me, I have the best buddies who also run businesses.

And it happens to be that one of them, the fabulous Frenchie Ferenczi, is someone who also loves to banter (definition - have a conversation in a good-humoured way!).

In particular, we both love to talk about business (we are both obsessed with having a life that allows for both entrepreneurial success and success beyond business).

That's how Business Banter came about. 

It's our limited series pop-up podcast, currently with a total of 12 episodes that will be released weekly (Thursdays) over the next 3 months.
It's not a surface-level, lip service podcast with an agenda to sell.  It's truly our passion project and fun contribution to your success journey!
The first episode actually went live last week on Spotify and Apple Podcasts! 
Here's the link to check it out: Business Banter Podcast
And nothing makes us happier than to have you join the banter with us!  So leave us a review to let us know your thoughts on the show or reply to this email - let me know what you would add to the conversation/banter.
Imagine yourself sitting here and sharing your beverage of choice with me...what would you go for?  Are we still on coffee ☕ or moving on to wine? 🍷🥂

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