Nobody Knows Anything Anyway.....

business confidence female ceo Dec 28, 2021

The first time I heard this at the age of 40 I was like…OH YEAH! No one is born knowing how to play world-class tennis, or ‘just knows’ how to create amazing reels, or how to make high ticket offers. And certainly, no one is born a competent CEO who is able to grow and scale their business while designing a life of freedom, impact, and wealth.

In fact, we are all born knowing exactly the same amount of everything. And then nurture, experiences, opportunities, work, and so many things come into play. Essentially, we all start out knowing nothing, and then, we chose to go all in and learn what we need to.

It Applies to Me Too!

Like last week, I came across a new way of creating content and I was Intrigued.

“Could this be useful?” I thought… I spent a good few hours thinking about it, researching it, taking a course on it, and applying it. As a result, I now know a lot about it. Well, I know enough. In a week I’ve gone from knowing nothing (where we all start) to knowing something.

Why Does it Matter?

It really does matter because then it became obvious to me. How knowing that nobody knows anything gives you the permission to know nothing too. It’s totally okay. What matters is that once you’ve recognized it’s okay to know nothing, you can then decide to know something, to know more, to know all that you need to.

We can keep using knowing nothing as a reason to not do the thing, whatever it is. But knowing that nobody knows anything when they start, the ones that get going are the ones happy with being uncomfortable and start anyway. So soon enough they do know enough!

Holding Back

Are you a CEO holding yourself back from your next best step because you “don’t know enough” or just don’t know what that step is? You almost certainly do know what you what, whether it’s higher income, more freedom, some amazing impactful work etc. The problem is that you are just too close to the detail to know how to make changes or maybe you don’t yet trust yourself to take those steps.

Well, it’s time to allow yourself to know nothing and start. 

It’s not right that the confusing ideas, all the options, so many strategies are distracting you from your next best step in business and life.  You deserve to have a growing business and a life you love! 

What Now?

Most successful female CEO’s want to grow their business but also want more Freedom, Impact and Wealth but don’t believe they can. In my 4 month mastermind, I coach you to trust your own wisdom and implement strategies so you can design a business and life you love.

In 4 months you will grow your business while you design your life of freedom, impact and wealth. My next mastermind starts in April, get in touch for early bird bonuses. I do also work with a few clients in my VIP 1:1 offer.

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