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business growth women in business Dec 26, 2021
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There are multiple apps, programs, organizers, off-the-shelf strategies, and planners available to help you grow your business, but there’s one tool that’s more powerful than them all put together.

And it Is something we all have in abundance... and it’s FREE, it never expires, has a countdown clock on it, or is only available for 24 more hours! It's your intuition. Your gut feelings. You know, when you look over your shoulder, or when you feel something in the room, or you don't take that left, or you decide against investing in that coach. That's your intuition.

Human intuition is what has helped us survive so successfully on earth, it's truly your superpower!

Why Use Your Intuition?

I ask my client's to use their intuition all of the time, asking them, “what do you think?” or “ what feels right?” and “what do you want to do?” I know that listening to your intuition or gut will take you further than trying to do it someone else's way. Of course, there are short term wins from following a process that someone gives you, but long term, you'll stop knowing how to adjust the process, and then you'll be looking for the next solution - the next programme, course, or something to give you the answer.

When all of the time, your intuition is actually the solution that is already inside of you.

Harnessing Your Intuition

If you are thinking, “how do I trust my gut? I just don't know how to…!" You are not alone. It's because all of the noise, conditioning, beliefs and past experiences are distracting you. But here's the truth - you know the answers.

Yes, it helps to have learned the strategies, the tools, the best practices, and what others have executed successfully. But then it's time to do it the way your gut tells you to. Do it your way. Get quiet so you can listen to the whispers of your soul. Journal, Dance, Exercise, Walk in nature, Do things you love and watch the downloads start, the inspired action, the "YOU" way to do things. Then give yourself permission to execute. What's the worst that can happen? It's all just feedback, it's information, it's data.

Getting Results

To get extraordinary results, you have to take extraordinary actions. To live life in a way no one else is, you have to do things no one else does. To have a life that others believe is impossible, YOU have to BELIEVE it's possible. To really have a life you love, you have to be ready to dream about that life NOW, and that takes listening to that gut of yours that says - you can have that, you deserve that, it's possible for YOU! Is your gut screaming at you now? Then thank her for showing up for you, and start listening to her.

What Now?

Most successful Female CEO’s want to grow their business but also want more Freedom, Impact and Wealth but don’t believe they can. In my 4 month mastermind, I coach you to trust your own wisdom and implement strategies so you can design a business and life you love.

In 4 months you will grow your business while you design your life of freedom, impact and wealth. My next mastermind starts in November, get in touch for early bird bonuses. I do also work with a few clients in my VIP 1:1 offer.

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