Wants & Needs in Business

business growth Apr 17, 2023

Have you heard this marketing ideology before?

"Sell your clients what they want but give them what they need".

It's one that I find super interesting because it assumes that the person doing the marketing knows what the client needs.

When the truth is, everyone needs something different.


Which Comes First in Business?

Like the clients I've worked with who wanted to finally feel like they had a business, but needed to establish their offer and price before moving forward.

Or others, who wanted more money in their business but needed to heal old beliefs and create new, more empowering ones.

Or like some of the coaches I work with, who want to truly have an impact and build a business they love but what they need is to trust themselves as the CEO first.

It's like wanting the experience of going scuba diving but needing to have some training, instruction, and a tank before you dive in.

There is a difference in what you need and want, and often we don't even know what this is for ourselves but it generally goes like this:

To get to where we want to be, there are often multiple needs that need to be fulfilled to get there.

I know I've invested with coaches before wanting the certification at the end of the training but needing the discipline, commitment, and growth that came with the experience.

It takes trust in ourselves and the coach you work with to know you will get both what you want and need - and probably more! - from any investment.

And that comes from your coach meeting you where you are at with your business - wherever that may be.


Where are you at?

Whether you have years of experience as a coach, 100 podcasts under your belt, social media accounts with 100k+ followers, 2 books published or you're literally starting from scratch while working a full time job - the mastermind and coaching you're investing in and the coach running it needs to meet you where you are at.

For me, this looks like partnering with my clients in their businesses.

This means I need to understand your current situation and we create a tailored plan to work through what you want, together.

And reading between the lines about what you need.


Coach 2 CEO Business Mastermind

The reason my Coach 2 CEO mastermind offers limited places and is so successful is because we both go all in.

Can you receive that? That you can have everything that you need to get to what you want?

Get in touch and let me know what you want!


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