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female ceo Apr 03, 2022

Here's the big secret of why you would have such a powerful experience in the Coach 2 CEO Mastermind.

It’s because the mastermind has a bias for action.

Practical application of what you are learning.

Actually doing the work to build your sustainable business - with a great offer and pricing, focus on all core functions of your business, practicing your CEO planning and habits and so much more!

See here for all that's included!

And guess what - it’s hard work.

No more sitting back and just learning. The hard work is you actually doing it all imperfectly in the real world.

So, during your time in the Coach 2 CEO Mastermind you won't be sitting around on rainbows and watching unicorns.

You'll be actually doing the work.

And so, you'll be getting uncomfortable. 

Suddenly you start to understand your sticky spots.

You feel your resistance.

And have to start confronting your own stories. 

Because often it's not the lack of strategy that holds you back from the success of your business. Strategy is often the easy part. You have plenty of that!

Once you start to take action, you realise what could be getting in the way of all that is available to you.

💭 It’s the thoughts.

📚 The stories. 

🙏 The beliefs.

📜 The old patterns. 

🔮 The unknown stuff you don’t see - yet.

But when you are being coached 1:1 and mentored for your unique situation, you feel fully seen.

When you are working through a proven method for growth in your business and as a CEO, you feel safe.

When you are part of a group, a safe brave container where all of you is welcome, suddenly you remember who the fuck you are.

And you own fully, with your heart and soul, who you are meant to be in this world. As a Coach. As a CEO. As a Woman.  

And then, the world sees you. The fullest expression of who you are here to be.  

Your clients see you.

All of you is welcome here, you have a seat at the table. Pull up a chair. It's time to impact the world.

Let's get to it,

Sumeena x

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