If Not You, then Who? Ready to become a confident CEO?

business confidence business growth female ceo women in business Dec 14, 2021

Do you want to be a confident CEO but somehow can’t quite get there? It’s not easy, but here are 7 things you can do to help build your confidence and become the change you want to see in YOUR world…

1. No More Excuses:

Don’t use being a woman, a mother, a WOC etc as an excuse. See it as an advantage: of having more empathy, more lived experiences, a broader outlook & embrace it. The edges you pushed, your challenges, your alternative perspectives are your superpower!

2. Don’t Listen to Others:

People will underestimate you. Let them. That’s not your problem. That’s their problem! Your ONLY problem is not to underestimate yourself.

Know you are worthy for no other reason than being alive. And don’t try to prove it to anyone! YOU need to know your own power before you can expect to influence others as a leader. You need to respect yourself before others will respect you!

3. Find Your People:

You have to learn to navigate the terrain, whatever that is for you. We can have ideas to change the system, & we can. But first learn the game & play it to your advantage. Then change things from the inside. Find your allies, your people, the ones who are with you to make the change you want to see...not those that tell you it's not possible!

4. Stay Focused on Your Goals:

Be focused on the things that matter. A lot of things can make you angry, distract you, make you shrink. That’s how the patriarchy & the system wins. It keeps women distracted. Don’t let it! Stay focused, cut the cords, drown out the noise, and access your true potential.

Racists, sexists etc, whatever, don’t let them drag you down, distract you. Know that they have their work to do. You focus on living your best life. You focus on your work. There’s no better middle finger moment than that (especially when they say “I want to speak to the boss”, and you say, “I am The Boss”, just before you go on to throw them out for bad behaviour! Savour those moments!).

5. Take the Lead:

Lead by example. Stop the BS. Teach your kids, your kids, friends, other women, other cultures, anyone who’ll listen - teach them by example what you can do! And if you want to (although it’s not your responsibility) educate others. Let them know that their perception of what they think is true is wrong. Without apology - tell them that they are wrong! Others' opinions of you are not your concern.

6. Invest in Yourself:

If you want to make a change, work on yourself. Invest time, energy & money in YOU. Learn to know your power. Be confident and own your own worth. Believe in YOU! Be the best version of yourself so you have the strength to stand up to the system! Take exquisite self-care of your mind, body & soul.

7. Take Responsibility:

And know this is true - If Not You, Who?
To become a more confident CEO, Boss, Leader…Woman… Mother… Accept that it’s you who can make this change. It’s you who HAS to make this change.

If you want to have an impact, if you want to build wealth, if you want to live a life of freedom, if you want to live your best life on your terms - then it’s time to do the work. To step forward. And realise…

It’s you. It’s always been you.

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