Do You Love Your Offer?

women in business Mar 20, 2022
Business offer

It's time to say it as it is. There is one thing you must love in YOUR business if you want to succeed. I've been ranting a bit on my social media about why more women need to be entrepreneurs. I'm talking more about how being an entrepreneur changes the world...

And most importantly, how more women like you need to become the boss of their own coaching business so you can keep delivering incredible, valuable, life-changing services to the world!

It's been an interesting build-up to this moment of really wanting to support you to make the changes that need to be made.  Part of it was supported by conversations with a trusted peer of mine this week, one in which we were discussing 2 things:

  • Can coaches make a sustainable and financially viable living as a coach; and

  • Why do so many coaches not make money in their business?

After a number of Voxer messages exchanged, I fully believe that if all coaches can fall in love with this one thing, their coaching business can't but be a success.

I'm not saying only one thing is what makes your business a success, that's not possible.  It's takes a number of inputs, skills and actions for a successful, sustainable business.

But I am saying that this one thing is the domino that sets off a chain reaction for a great Coaching Business.


What am I talking about?

It's having an offer that you believe in, that you know gets 100% results 100% of the time and that you know your clients will thrive with.

Imagine your favourite clothing brand, a new blockbuster movie,  the latest music release, or anything you like to purchase coming to you with an offer, product, the energy of the service that was anything less than:

You will LOVE this, you NEED this, I know you WANT this!

If they were like "you may like this, we're not sure, maybe it's to expensive, actually I'm not even going to tell you about it…”

Would you be interested?  Would you trust them enough to hand over your time, energy and money? Probably not.


You have to LOVE what you sell before anyone else will

So ask yourself - how are you talking about your offer?

I can tell you that a great offer sells easily.  Like that time I was sold within minutes into investing $5000 in a coach just from hearing her speak in an interview for 10 minutes.  She was so clear, confident about her offer and it was the type of coaching I needed and wanted, that the decision was a no-brainer (and I've thrived from it!).  So your offer matters and once you love this, the rest falls into place.

I also know my offer is one that I sell with complete confidence and pride, I aim for clients to say they would have paid 3 times as much and hear this often!

YOU need to have THE offer that allows you to knock down the other dominos in your business growth!  An offer you LOVE and can't help but sell!

Of course, this is something I work on with clients at a detailed level, co-creating the best offers around for them to sell to their clients.  We do alot more as part of my mentoring and coaching work, but it starts with a kick-ass offer.


Are you ready?

If you are a coach who wants to become the CEO of her coaching business, trusting herself to grow her business to 7-figures and beyond, you can only work with Sumeena in her 4-month mastermind or in her 1:1 container.

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