Hard Days Happen in Business

business growth female ceo Dec 28, 2021

Nobody really talks about the hard days. Somehow they seem to get glossed over or fall through virtual cracks in the world wide web. There’s an ease and flow vibe on the internet with online businesses that’s quite damaging to be honest! It really distorts the truth of being a CEO. It can make you feel you’re doing something wrong, questioning why it looks easy for everyone else but why so hard for me! 

Talk about highlighting the “I’m not enough” feeling a lot of us are already working through! The truth is that building and running a business is hard.  I know - I’ve built 7 successful businesses that I’m proud of but I also know what went into making them a success. They certainly didn’t just ‘happen’!

If it was Easy…

It takes grit, resilience, self-development and usually a team! If building a business was easy, everyone would do it! But when the discomfort of staying still, in work you hate or a situation you want to change, outweighs the discomfort of moving forward you put your entrepreneurial hat on and go for it. Why? Because the other truth is, nothing affords you more freedom financially, time-wise and in your choices than being responsible for your own income. There’s a massive advantage to building a successful business (whatever that means to you) and that makes it worth the work.

The hard days keep coming but so do the magnificent days!  The unbelievable days, the ones that make you think, wow! Is this really my life?! 

Play the Long Game for Success

One thing I’ve learned after 16 years of being a full-time entrepreneur (and a total of 26 years in building great businesses), you have to get used to delayed gratification. Nothing happens instantly. You have to make decisions today knowing that you will reap rewards tomorrow. Think of it as sewing a seed that grows over time or nurturing a baby that eventually needs you less and less.

As a CEO you have to play the long game. And you need to be prepared for that. Successful businesses are not get-rich-quick-schemes. They grow, and like anything that grows, businesses take time.

Handle it like a Pro - Like a CEO

Have your celebrations along the way AND know, just know in your heart that you’re going to reap rewards in the future for the work you're doing today. Look to the future but take action in the present.

Life is about balance and it’s not ease and flow all the time but if you decide to enjoy the journey AND the hard work, that also becomes part of the fun.  The feeling of ease and flow can be present even in the hard work!

So are you ready to do the hard work, reap the micro rewards daily, and know you have the big macro rewards coming?

We all have heard this - people overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in 3 years, 5 years, and even 10 years.  Well, it’s true!  Consistent action over that period of time WILL lead to fabulous results, so focus on the present but keep an eye on what lays ahead!

Are you committed to nurturing your business baby till it can walk on its own two feet? 

What Now?

Most successful Female CEO’s want to grow their business but also want more Freedom, Impact and Wealth but don’t believe they can. In my 4 month mastermind, I coach you to trust your own wisdom and implement strategies so you can design a business and life you love.

In 4 months you will grow your business while you design your life of freedom, impact and wealth. And the best part?  You’ll trust yourself so much after we work together that you won’t NEED another mastermind! 

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