How to Succeed in Online Coaching

business confidence Dec 11, 2022
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I knew nothing about the self development world before the age of 42, no idea about coaching until 5 years ago, or even heard the words mindset, or manifestation, or energetics until 2019!

But by the age of 40 (7 years ago) I had a million dollar life style business.

And this was despite not journaling daily (or ever), never reading a self development book, and defiantly not asking someone else “what should I do now”.

 When I hired my first coach in 2019 and attended my first Tony Robbins event - I entered a new world.

One I was born to be part of.

I knew - this is my reason for being, these are my people.

And that was the beauty.

Coaching, mindset work, self development - they were a great addition to skills I’d acquired grafting and hustling in my own business success.

But they aren’t the reason for my success.

And they won’t be the reason for yours, either!


Realize What You Do and Don't Need to Coach Online

You don’t need these to have a life you love - one with wealth, freedom, fulfilment, and fun. That’s the lie we are all fed in the small echo chamber of the coaching world. It's designed to make us desperate to invest to gain secret entry into the club.

However, what you do need is:

👏 Systems (life and business)

👏 Leadership - to serve your team so they can thrive

👏 Idea of self-genius, and limits

👏Commitment, grit, resilience


You don’t need a Tony Robbins event, the $10k mastermind, or the secret playbook…

But what you do need to know in your soul is:

🦋 It’s a road with bumps and pitfalls

🦋 And it’s critical you trust yourself along this journey

🦋 And that you can truly discern what you need to tune into - so you keep going when you fail. 

Like the tools that help you process your feelings and not get stuck.


Have Confidence and Have Online Business Support

Confidence in your future success to hire support now.

The strength to hold your vision boldly and loosely.

And the ability to Be who you need to be every damn day (or most days!). Do you need my mastermind for this? No, the truth is that you don't, but it makes it easier, more guaranteed, with less chance of burnout or giving up, and a lot more fun! 


My Secret... (not so secret now!)

 So here’s what I do: I tune into what I want as a coach, as an entrepreneur, and as a woman. 

Know that these desires are valid, that they are my desires for a reason. I own them and I take action on them and I love the results.

How many times have you ignored your own desires and how did that work out for you?

➡️ knowing you want to post on social media but holding back till “next year”

➡️ not making that first $2,000 offer to an ideal client even though you have a gut feeling that they will say yes!

➡️ wanting to raise your prices, speak on a podcast, share your genius…but allowing the voices in your head to stop you.

No more!! Ignoring your own calling stops now. 

2023 is your year to move forward, and take action on what you want. 


Are You Ready?

You got this coach.

Sending love,


 P.S. - don’t wanna do it alone? Don’t blame you - it’s way more fun to build your business with a group of other fearless women and a coach who truly sees what’s possible for you. Make the most of the final week of $1,00 savings, bonus support, and results before the end of 2022 by booking a call on my sales page.

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