If Not Now, When?

women in business Nov 26, 2022
business launching

“What! How much?!?!?!”

I looked at my husband thinking he was messing around. He wasn't.

"How many zeros is that? A billion Indonesian Rupiahs?" 

I couldn't get my head around it. It's the largest number I'd ever said out loud.

"That's only $100,000".  

😳 Is he being serious? Only?

❓ How can we invest that kindda money after only seeing this property 3 days ago?

🏝️ Especially on this tiny island, 12,000 miles from our home, with zero experience in running hotels, let alone being entrepreneurs!

⚡ Then my husband said the words that have been a mantra to me ever since in all big decisions: 

"If not now, when?"

🥊 Ouch.  

If one thing was guaranteed in life, it was that time would pass by and eventually run out. So, "if not now, when?" hit hard.

But really?? $100,000 on a business we didn't know anything about, in a country we had been in for 2 weeks, with obstacles we didn't understand?

But 2 key things happened in that moment:

💋 A full body, 100% belief in our ability to make anything we set our minds to a success;

💋 And a trust in our intuition/gut.

So we did it.

 Fast forward 17 years and we've generated millions in revenue, have 6 businesses, are raising 3 wonderful humans, and truly live an extraordinary life.

A life with:

💫 Zero regrets;

💫 Infinite experiences;

💫 Opportunities ahead that I can't even imagine but have no doubt are available to me, AND...

💫 I feel a true sense that I'm just getting started.

💥 And now, in this season, the focus is on impact.

Because I have a mission to flow more wealth into the hands of women, to give them choices, and to change generations.

And I can’t do this being cozy in my current life. I've left my safe, warm cave to discover new opportunities.

So I'm "out there" sharing my story and supporting YOU to take a chance.

To support YOU to have your "If not now, when" moment. 

🙌 I know what’s possible for you.

I've been there - knowing there is more available but being hesitant to take the brave steps.

Because once you start the journey - leave the cave - it can be kindda scary.

Ok - a lot scary!

But you didn't come here to put our feet up and be cozy.

You're here to be a coach who transforms lives. For a better world. For the next generations.

➡️ I’ll tell you honestly, you’ll have to focus, work, show up, and get your hands dirty!

➡️ You'll have to feel some hard feelings and build the resilience to process them.

➡️ And you'll want to surround yourself with others who celebrate you, support you and see what's possible for you!

That's what I'm here for. And your peers in my Facebook Community, Coaches Who Business.

We could all stay cozy in the cave, but that's not gonna be fun forever. I know - I tried! (I have another story about that next time!).

So here I am to share my mantra with you. "If not now, when?"

Come hang out with us in Coaches Who Business and expand what's possible for you.

See you there,


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