Invest for a Life by Design

female ceo Mar 20, 2022

We invested $150,000 before we made a penny. We had no idea what we were doing - we were completely new to the industry but we did it anyway. We didn’t know when we would make a return on the investment. But we knew we would make it work.

We worked in our corporate jobs while the business found its feet (tip - always have enough to meet basic needs for 6-12 months otherwise scarcity takes over). But if we’d waited to be ready before we invested, I’d still be paper-pushing, hating my day-to-day and only dreaming my dreams, instead of living them.

Does this sound familiar?

Recently, a coach said she invested 10k over 18 months and was not investing more until she made money.

My response…

How can you EXPECT to grow a business without investing in the foundational knowledge, support, skills, and connections? Why should you?

All successful entrepreneurs invested - that’s why things are working. It wasn't luck (don’t get me started!) and everyone is as able as another person to get results - If they do the work.

I’ve invested $80k in 2 years in my coaching business and expect to invest way more! (Already eyeing up the next $25k mastermind I’m joining). That’s after having 15 yrs IRL experience building 7-figures businesses. I wanted to completely collapse the timeline to building my coaching business so I got support - I don’t want to waste a minute of this journey called life! And I KNOW I’ll make a return on every penny I spend. Because every investment of time, energy and money is a lesson in what does and doesn’t work.

Don’t look at what you’ve invested and how little you’ve made. Look at how you’ve committed to your dream and how much reward you will reap. It’s never wasted. YOU have to trust yourself to make the most of any investment (that’s the thing, you won’t benefit unless you know you will).

So if you needed a sign, permission, or just some wisdom, receive this with love:

  • An extraordinary life and business are designed by you.

  • And of this is what you desire - is there a better investment than yourself?

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