Behind the Scenes of Launching

business confidence Feb 11, 2023

I've been asked a few times during my current launch: 

How are you doing it all? Do you have a team? What's the process?

And it reminded me - I had these same questions a few years ago when I started my coaching business. 

Now on my 8th Launch and having helped soooo many coaches launch both group and 1:1 offers, I know a few things.

And I wanted to share the true behind-the-scenes reality - not the highlights but the truth. Watching this will give you a reality of what goes into launching:


One thing is for sure, I'm so grateful to the past me that was brave enough to do the other launches.

The work I've done over the past 3 years has made it possible to feel so chill in this launch.

I share more about launch stacking, creating assets, and my launch process in the live training above. And if having support with your launches - both group and 1:1 - is something that makes you feel excited and safe, then let's have a chat to plan your next launch.


This is just one thing we do in the Coach 2 CEO Mastermind.

We also:

💫 Create your irresistible offer;

💫 Design a bespoke marketing plan for you, your energy, your rhythms, your genius, and passions.

💫 Set up the systems and processes within your business to support you so you gain back your time and can focus on coaching and your life!

💫 Accelerate your results with some specific actions and ways of being.

And so much more in the 4 months, with group and 1:1 calls. Book a call via the sales page.

Check out the live training and hear me talk more about the behind-the-scenes reality of embracing the CEO role of your coaching business.

And if you're ready to step into the CEO Coach role in your business then there is a week until the next round of the Coach 2 CEO Mastermind starts on the 15th of February.

Book a call via this link and let's plan your business success.

Applications close for the Coach 2 CEO Mastermind on the 15th of February. So don't delay booking a call and having a conversation with me to see if this is your next best step.

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