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women in business Mar 20, 2022

I know I speak a lot about coaching and being the CEO of your coaching business.

But today I want to offer something different - because after being in business for over 25 years I know one thing - all business is business.

We can learn about business from any type of business - selling cupcakes, flowery dresses or life-transforming coaching. The core principles of business are the same (also there is no doubt that each of these businesses is as important as each other!  Cupcakes are essential to a well-rounded life, do you agree?

I digress….

As we all know, these last few years have been a big kick in the butt for hospitality.  As I have 6 businesses that rely on tourism, you can imagine the "pivot" we've had to do over this last 24 months (oh, and if I see that Ross-pivoting the sofa GIF again, I'll throw my computer out!).

About 6 months ago, we re-opened one of our businesses, a restaurant in Bali. 

Here's what I want to share:

It was a massive risk. We had no idea if it was a good idea. In fact, everyone questioned why we were re-opening at such a bad time (to clarify most of these "Everyones" were unqualified to comment).

We had to find a lot of cash to buy stock, re-hire staff, fix the premises up.  Money we didn't have! We really had to invest time, energy, and money into the decision to reopen the restaurant.

But we knew why we were doing it: to bring hope back into the community, to rehire our teams, to know that we'd at least tried, and to eat the delicious food!

It was a risk, and it really helped us to detach from the outcome.  We committed to taking the inspired action, putting in the hard work, and really investing our all.  But not expecting any outcome - let's try our best and see how it goes.

6 months later:

We are paying 16 staff salaries that they wouldn't have received otherwise;

✅ We love having a place to entertain ourselves and our friends;

✅ Many people are enjoying the food and the venue (including us!);

✅ There is a new energy in the area, with a couple of new places opening up and that's created a fun "vibe";

✅ We have climbed up from number 500ish out of 800 restaurants in Bali on Trip Advisor to number 7!

✅ We are making use of our time, our investments, and our wellbeing by actually showing up;

✅ We've hosted the most fun events and parties, creating so much joy for so many people at a time when it could be so hard to be happy;

 We have reaffirmed who we are as entrepreneurs, CEOs, leaders in our business and community.

We had no idea that these outcomes would be the result of the decision we made 6 months ago.  But we are over the moon about each of these results! That's the thing - there is no easy ride or rule book for being a CEO.  It really does come down to you to knowing your reasons for running your business, the energy you want to put towards it, the risks you're willing to take, and the rewards you need to inspire you to keep showing up.

I know that these last 6 months have happened to teach us that we can have a successful business through the good times and also the harder times.  And that's the lesson.  Do you feel that?

I'm grateful to share this journey with you and to offer this:

business growth

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