Negative Thoughts in Business

business confidence Oct 02, 2022
Negative business confidence

Highs and Lows

Do you agree - the highs and the lows always come together? I recently had my best launch yet but with it came some disappointing moments:

🤕 A number of unsubscribes from my email list;

🤕 People leaving my Facebook group;

🤕 People unfollowing me on social media.


The Outcome...

My brain went into overdrive and I really found myself ruminating on thoughts like these...

 ➡️ What did I say that made them leave?

➡️ Was I too much?

➡️ Gosh - is launching really for me, maybe I should leave coaching. 

For over an hour I felt disoriented about my next steps, disconnected from my love of my work, and frankly uncomfortable and unhappy. Feelings that I didn't want to have when I had work to do as I prepared to serve the amazing women who did signup. And not motivating me to serve the significant number of new people in my world.


These feelings were about to send me on a spiral of confusion, doubt and overwhelm.  

 But I managed to catch myself - and remind myself that it's natural that I felt bad about this! That’s how our brain wants to keep us safe - focus on the negative so we don't get eaten by the dangerous lions (or in this case, focus on the negative so we don't do those things again that make us feel bad).  

This is our human brain's tendency for negative bias and it creeps up on us in sneaky ways when we least expect it. It's an expert at stealing our joy and taking us away from gratitude. Especially in times of heightened stress or even joy. 

The sneaky negative bias creeps in....


Reframing Your Mindset

But as coaches and CEOs we know that we can reframe our feelings. We can process our emotions. We can start to identify what’s happening:

❤️ We can lean into an appreciation of what is;

❤️ We can remember that we are here to learn from the journey;

❤️ We can hold onto our vision dearly knowing that it will always be a success;

❤️ We can process our feelings so they don’t get stuck, allowing them to move through us with ease so we can access more empowering feelings.

 Most of all we can move forward knowing that it’s whom we become on the way to achieving our success that matters. It’s all about the people we serve as coaches, one human at a time.


Final Note and Next Steps

If you feel that you're in a spiral of feelings that don't support the growth of your coaching business, then don't forget to watch some of the videos in my Facebook Group, Coaches Who Business, in the CEO Camp Guides section. I drop a new, very useful training every week.


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