Never Easy, Always Worth It

business growth Oct 22, 2022

It's never easy - but it's always worth it.

Another day, another mind-block about what to write in your weekly social media post. You know that creating consistent and valuable content is important to connect with your audience but sometimes, it just feels so uninspired


I'm sure you've been here...

You try to use the formulas and all the know-how you've learned but it still feels impossible.

You end up feeling unmotivated and frustrated, deciding to focus on cleaning the kitchen fridge rather than try to write this week's email. Problem is, when you go to bed at night, you feel even worse! Not only did you not write the email, but now you feel less inspired about your business in general.

Here's a secret - this happens to all of us! Every coach goes through a phase of "What do I have to say anyway?", it's normal and understandable. With all the different hats we wear as business owners, it's not always easy to be creative.

It would be great to have inspired downloads daily but that's just not reality - not with all the other areas your brain is focusing its energy and attention on.


Stay on Track

Here are a few ways to stay on track with your marketing so you can go to bed knowing you did what you had to:

Capture ideas as they come to you (yes, even on the toilet!) and then make them more shareable when you have time to write the email or create the reel;

Say the same thing, 10 ways. When your message is repeated in different ways, it resonates with different people.

Don't try to be clever, just be clear. Most people are only half paying attention when consuming content so make it easy for them to understand.

Share what you're going through now. Right now - let your audience have a window into your day.

These tips are useful, but let's get real. 


What's really getting in the way?

Your need to have the perfect content and your fear of being seen are what's most likely stopping you from going ahead and writing an average email. If it's not A plus, what's the point - right?

Wrong. That's not how entrepreneurship works. In fact, the more you share, the more likely you are to connect with your audience and your content will be good enough for your ideal clients to say yes to working with you.

When you decide ahead of time that you will write the email or create the reel, follow through on your promise to yourself, you will automatically want to execute an idea - any idea! And this is what helps your business grow and thrive. 

As a dedicated coach who wants to change lives, ask yourself - is B minus content good enough if it allows me to connect with and help my ideal client to change their lives? If it helps my client to say yes to working with me?

I'm guessing you'll be ok with that, right?

Because I know you're a committed coach - you're ready to do what it takes to share your gifts with the world.

This is what we do in my Coach2CEO program - we focus on Progress over Perfection. We commit to impacting lives by taking brave steps. You will share your business with the world, so clients can be coached by you.


In 4 months we:

🦄 set up the core functions of your business so your business makes predictable 4-figure months that keep you out of feast and famine cycles;

🦄 design your marketing and sales in a way that feels fun, easy and spacious, so you love what you do and still have time to do what you love;

🦄 create your simple offer, systems, and teams so you feel confident that you will make the money you want to make;

🦄 solidify your CEO mindset, giving you unshakable trust in your decisions and next steps.


Next Steps

Join the next cohort of Coach 2 CEO early for great savings! The next cohort starts in February and early bird sign up comes with some juicy bonuses, including $1,000 off the investment, a longer payment plan, and bonus 1:1 coaching.

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