What is Quite Quitting in Business?

business growth Sep 23, 2022
quite quitting

 It’s important for you to realise this. But you might be giving up on your own dreams without thinking about it.

The things you promised yourself you would do for your business:

➡️ Reach out to a potential client;

➡️ Launch your offer;

➡️ Start a Facebook group;

➡️ Apply to be on a podcast…


All the promises you made to yourself, of what you would do to grow your business - did you decide that you no longer wanted to do them, or did you “quite quit” on your business goals?

❓Did you decide that you were going to leave that idea behind or did you just let it fall away?

It’s important to ask yourself this - as not following through on what you want to do sends a message to you that isn’t helpful as a CEO: That you can’t trust your own word.

We all do this! Sometimes it just feels so much safer to let a dream or idea fall away when it feels too hard. That’s how our brains have developed over thousands of years - to find the easiest path, so we conserve calories and focus on survival. Our brain is wired to save us from doing hard things.


No Danger, No Fear

Problem is, we no longer need a brain that keeps us safe in this way. Our dreams and desires are not a danger - they just require us to feel uncomfortable, which isn’t actually dangerous, it’s just a feeling that needs to be processed. 

Giving up on a dream or idea quietly without truly knowing why doesn’t help you step into what’s possible as an entrepreneur. 

❌ It won’t help when you need to make powerful decisions that make you money in your business.  

❌ Or when you want to up level your team.

❌And when you want to decide the next steps for you and your business.


If you give up on ideas without a certainty and decision to stop that thing, and you just let it fade away or “quite quit”, you’re sending a message to yourself that your word doesn’t mean anything.

That you’ll not follow through on your promises to yourself and your business.

To avoid the hard feelings you just don’t move forward with your plan and let it fade away in case it doesn’t work out. 

But the truth is, on your way to achieving what you set out to do, you’ll learn so many lessons. And so, the goal becomes irrelevant.


It’s who you become as you’re achieving the goal that matters

This is why working with me as your coach changes your results. In my mastermind and 1:1 containers, my clients set goals and actually take steps to achieve them. Along the way, we work through what’s coming up and how to avoid quitting on the goals.

🚀 like creating a new group program and selling spaces with confidence;

🚀 starting a Facebook group and holding a 5 day challenge;

🚀 building authority on a new platform to attract ideal clients. 

Result - on the way to achieving the goal, you become the person you need to be to achieve it.

Isn’t that a win worth investing in? 🚀

Keep going coach, don’t quite quit on your business and your dreams.


Work With Me

I’m offering space for two 1:1 clients to start working with me before the end of September. Send me an email to [email protected] to apply, letting me know your vision for what you want to achieve in Q4 of 2022. Don’t quite quit on your dreams of growing your coaching business. Your clients are waiting for you! ❤️


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