Are You Recession Proof?

business confidence Oct 31, 2022

Let me start by saying, I don’t watch the news. I haven’t for years! 

It’s made to keep us in survival states, feel bad about everything, and live small. So my personal boundaries are to keep that kind of energy out of my head space!

But when you live an active life and contribute to this wonderful world, you hear what’s going on around you. And recently - it’s all the fear about a recession.

But without all the facts, I’m guessing it’s not as bad as we are being told it is. Especially because the hype is about the coming recession - which means it might not even happen!

I want to share with you today a thought that will really support you to see things differently and it starts with a question:


So, are you recession proof?

Yes, you. As a person - are you working on ways to make yourself recession proof?

So you can create your own outcomes despite external circumstances.

Here’s what I mean. I’ll tell you a story of my own realisation about being environment proof - where the external circumstances don’t define your outcomes.

Rewind to March 2020 when the world went into lockdown, being a hospitality business owner who relied 100% on people being able to travel meant we were hit hard.

😱 I mean hard!

😱  From millions of dollars of revenue per year - to zero.

😱  From hundreds of staff - to no work for any of them.

😱  From complete security to complete chaos.


So now what? 

Kids to feed, bills to pay, and teams of people to think about.

➡️ I learned one thing: we don’t have to respond to the external situation. We can create our own situation.

Sure - we couldn’t help guests travel but we could focus on:

🌴 Managing our assets so we didn’t lose them;

🌴 Supporting our teams in a way that worked for everyone;

🌴 Looking at what we could do to create value and make money.

Because I always know that investing in me has the best ROI, I hyper-focused on what I could do myself so that I could contribute in a valuable way in the marketplace. 

I invested in qualifying as a coach, NLP practitioner and built my skills in marketing, online business, and masterminds.

I also created a whole new network of people around the world, leading to amazing opportunities and working with the most amazing clients.

❌ If I had decided that “it’s a pandemic, I'd better lay low”, I wouldn’t have done anything and proved myself right - things were hard!

Instead, I got to work and built a successful Business Coaching practice over the past couple of years:

💫 Making 6-figures in revenue;

💫  Changing lives;

💫  Finding a way to contribute amid the chaos.

By deciding, “this is the perfect time to bet on my own ability to create any outcome I want. Focus on what I can do…and then do it successfully!” this reality was actually created.

No time to be distracted by the news. All my focus was on supporting my clients so I could also support my teams and family.


So here’s what I’d love for you to know...

⚡ Recessions come and go.

⚡ The economy is always changing.

⚡ Life is always happening around us.

🤷 But you have a choice - get influenced by everyone else’s perspective or decide now that YOU decide how something will impact you (or won’t impact you!).

Take charge of your life in a way that whatever happens in the world around you, it won’t stop you. Not only will you feel empowered in any circumstance but you’ll stand out as a safe leader for others to follow and learn from.

That’s you. Take your seat at the table and start leading. Your clients are waiting. Get in touch with me on the link below.

So you know... I invested thousands of dollars and years into creating my signature Coach 2 CEO mastermind so you can also be recession proof as a coach. Check out the details here and benefit from the early sign up bonus of extra payment terms, bonus coaching, and $1000 off. 

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