6 Week Offer Incubator

female ceo Dec 02, 2022
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"How do people launch their offer without Sumeena?"

I smiled from my soul.  🥰

I love receiving feedback - or love notes - like this. 

This message was sent last week as I concluded a 6-week offer incubator sprint with Caitlin and her team, a committed coach ready to work with clients (and not just staying stuck thinking about starting a business).

Obviously, I received the beautiful compliment with gratitude and then I told her:

"You would have got here on your own.

This is your offer.

It came from you

It’s your genius

But working with me gets you there quicker

And with fewer bumps along the road.

No doubt, working with me saves you time, money, and energy.Which is invaluable!" 

As a Business Coach to coaches, I've worked intimately with over 50 coaches and supported hundreds of others, and here's what I know.

You have all the answers within you. 

But sometimes you need someone to:

💯 Create a brave and safe space to make it clear exactly what it is you are thinking.

💯 Support you with tried and tested frameworks like my Offer Incubator to capture your genius in an easy to understand and shareable way.

💯 Help you to stay accountable to your own goals and some stretchy ones that I can help you set.

💯 Share with you suggestions and ideas to expand what's possible for you.  

Like Caitlin. 

When we met she hadn't even considered her offer, let alone launching it.  In less than 2 months we clarified her offer, set all the wheels in motion for selling it, and now are in the final stretch of her $100k launch.

All in 2 short months.

And we all can't believe how much has been achieved in such a short time. 

Caitlin was part of my unique 6 week program called "Offer Incubator" only for those coaches who want to get selling immediately.  The investment for this offer is $3,000.  Contact me directly for more details, I only sell this to 3 coaches, 3 times a year due to my commitment to supporting you. 

Let's have a 1:1 conversation to make sure it's perfect for you.  Send me an email with "Tell Me More" to set up a time to talk with me.  I'm currently signing 3 clients for a January start date.  Is one of them you?   

Sending love, 

Sumeena P.S.

If a 6-week Offer Incubator isn't what you're craving but a more in-depth commitment and transformation of your whole business, and of yourself as the CEO of your thriving coaching business, then my 4-month Coach 2 CEO Mastermind is for you.  Check out the details here.

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