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business growth Mar 20, 2022
Business solutions

Today, let me whisk you away:

You're on your dream holiday, in a tropical far of land,  having travelled for 24 hours to reach your destination.  After 2 days of sleepless nights thanks to the 10 hour time difference (and the much warmer nights) you finally feel ready for true holiday vibes.

That tropical holiday you dreamt about all year (or for years!) is finally here!

You're about to visit those tiny islands you dreamt about, the dot on the planet called Gili Islands, with azure waters, volcanic views, fresh food, and pina colada's served in coconuts fresh of the tree! Yep - it's holiday time! 

Fast forward 4 hours, the dream is dying...

You've been travelling for hours in what feels like the hottest, most unorganized and hustle-y conditions.  You couldn't get any cold water to drink (only cold beer but who wants that at 10 am on a choppy 2.5-hour sea voyage!), your bags are full of sand as they were dumped on the beach and now you have to find a place to stay. 

The 50 odd laminated flyers being shoved in your face, offering all sorts of accommodation,  just feel overwhelming so you tell everyone you already have somewhere to stay...when all you really know is you need a clean loo and you need one fast! This doesn't feel like an island escape dream!

Then you hear words that are music to your ears - "come put your bags down and have a cold drink, we also have clean toilets".

Someone offering you something you want, in a language you understand, that moves you away from the spiral of the last few hours and puts you firmly back into where you want to be - drinking a cold drink, no worries in the world and near a clean loo.

Someone actually connected with you and offered you a solution to your problem

Now they offer you more - a place to sleep, spa treatments, diving and yummy food to eat, and a pool to chill by. You've reached your desired destination.  You're staying in my resort and you couldn't be happier ;-).

Now you know how that one sentence "we have clean toilets" helped me build a million-dollar business. 

That's how easy it can be.  So when it comes to marketing your services - can you be that person who just simply solves your clients current and immediate problem, knowing that this will give them what they WANT and then you can help them with what they NEED.

As a coach - this could be as simple as speaking in your content about one step your ideal client wants to take, or one problem they want to solve.  And by sharing this, you open a door to further conversations.

So today, take a leaf out of my book

Don't only worry about selling the "big" thing.  Offer your clients a solution to the easy small steps knowing it will support them to move forward towards the next bigger steps.  And they'll trust YOU to help them as their coach.

Are you willing to be the solution to your client's immediate and pressing needs? 

Are you ready?

If you are a coach who wants to become the CEO of her coaching business, trusting herself to grow her business to 7-figures and beyond, you can only work with Sumeena in her 4-month mastermind or in her 1:1 container.

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