The Power of a Mastermind

women in business Apr 27, 2022
business mastermind
I’m not good with the obvious. The obvious isn't always that obvious to me!
Like when my kids show me a meme on Tick-Tock and I tell them I just don't get it. All 3 of them will say "it's so obvious, mum!" while they kindda roll their eyes in a cute kiddy way 🙄
(BTW nothing makes me feel older than my kids saying it's obvious and me just not getting it!  Tell me I'm not alone with this!)
What's clear and obvious to all is not to me.
Sometimes this is an issue (think everyone in the room raising their hands to buy something while you're like, why would I want that?)...
...other times it's a superpower.  Like that time  I put down $100k on a beachfront property because it was clearly a goldmine of a business (and turns out I was right!).
However, one thing is VERY obvious to me and that's the power of being in the right room, with the right women, all working on their business.
And I know, that every time I start a new mastermind group, it's always the right people in the room.
It's obvious to me that this is exactly how it's meant to be.
It also becomes clear the power of a group of women all working together to support each other and achieve similar results is essential to success.
That's the power of a mastermind.
And it's always obvious to me that these spaces are brave, sacred places for the coaches I work with to be seen and feel safe to be the fullest expression of who they are.
I'm glad this was clear and obvious to me so that I continue to offer my services to the world, to keep offering value.
Shoot me an email and tell me what's obvious to you about the work you do, so we can celebrate your business.

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