Timeless Coaching Business Principles

business confidence Dec 15, 2022
Online Coaching Business

The more time I spend in business the more obvious it becomes.

It doesn’t have to be hard. Or complex. Or difficult.

Building your coaching business (or any business!) is based on these timeless business principles:

  1. Solve a problem for someone in a way that they find valuable and let them know you can help them 
  2. Deliver satisfactory results - give the person buying 100% results
  3. Make sure there is an equal exchange of energy for your work, represented by them paying money for your services 
  4. Show up. Every day. And hold a vision for your business as your North Star (even if it’s a short term vision for that day). 
  5. Over time realize that you can’t do all the work so start to delegate, in your business and other areas of your life.
  6. Don’t have a plan B - your business is the only plan. 
  7. Focus on being who you need to be to make your business a success (whatever your definition of success is).


Make it Simple

I know each of these steps is loaded and needs your attention. But isn't that the fun of the journey? Who you become as you create your business? So, as the year comes to a close and the opportunities of 2023 lay ahead, I want to ask you this...


What are Your Coaching Business Plans for 2023?

What are you planning on focusing on for your coaching business in the next 12-24 months?

And how close does that list align to the 7 steps above?

Every time I close a mastermind group I feel encouraged that the coaches in the group leave with a clear idea of what to focus on:

🚀 Core functions of the business

🚀 Doing work that makes the business money

🚀 Working on their own mindset and energetics

Are you staying focused as you approach all the wonderful opportunities available in the year ahead?

 My wish for you is that you are, so that you become the coach you are committed to being:

🌍 To change the world into one you love living in;

🤩 Do work daily that feels like your life's purpose;

💕 Be of service to your clients, your family, your community with your heart and your skills.

 This is your reality and I'm excited for you to live it.


Next Steps For Your Online Coaching Business

I know it can feel that this reality is too hard to imagine or too far away but having worked closely with hundreds of coaches I can tell you - it's only a few brave steps away. 

If being supported by a qualified business coach, in an intimate container of less than 10 other coaches is what you crave, I encourage you to make the most of the current early signup offer of $1,000 saving and extra 1:1 support in January for my Coach2CEO Mastermind

In less than 4 months you'll be making powerful decisions that make you money and you will trust yourself as the CEO of your business. The reality you dream of as a coach is possible within a few short months. Make 2023 your year!

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