What Does a Business Coach Even Do?

business growth women in business Jan 01, 2022
What does business coach do

First… understand your body’s natural responses.

Environmental factors like work, relationships, fatigue, your experiences, food, the media/news & basically everything external coming at you in your daily life can activate the Sympathetic Nervous System.

This is the body’s automatic response to Keep You Safe - helping you survive in this world. This gets your body into a state of action, so you can stay alive! It’s an automatic response and we have very little control over it when it happens.

The 4 Sympathetic Systems responses are:

  • Flight - Run

  • Fight - Confront

  • Fright - Stunned

  • Fawn - Curl up and Hide

This is where a coach comes in…

A great coach can recognise when you are in one of these survival states and hence, unable to access your higher self, your aligned self, the version of you that knows you have a calling, a purpose you want to fulfil, impact you want to have, a thriving life you want to live.

A great coach will help you regulate the Sympathetic Nervous System by creating a safe & brave space for you. Once your nervous system is calm, a great coach will ask powerful questions to access your truth - what you already know to be true. Most of the time the answers are already within you. Your next best steps. Your inner compass, north star, highest potential.

Everyone deserves a great coach

Someone who sees your potential before maybe even you do. A good coach is a guide to hold your hand as you take brave steps towards your vision. A fellow human who sees you as whole, capable, resourceful and magical.

YOU deserve a great coach

You deserve a coach who has enough belief in you that you can borrow some of that belief on shaky days. A coach who can show you that you have all the wisdom within you to build a business and life you love. A coach who is willing to hold up a mirror to you so you can see all of you and honour your uniqueness.

Are you ready for the transformation a great coach can give you?

You deserve to find out what could be the best outcome for you working with a great coach.

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What if I am that great coach for you…?

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