What not to do in Business

business confidence Apr 13, 2022

I really struggled the first 5 years as a CEO.

I learned the hard way what can happen when you chase success, when you are looking for the pot of gold.

I wasn't driven by money, my husband and I actually quit lucrative careers to start a business.

I was chasing the other pot of gold.

A lifestyle I loved. Some would say freedom. At the time, it was cool to say we quit the matrix (in fact I have a podcast episode called exactly this).

So when I finally admitted to myself that I was struggling, despite chasing the dream, it was quite frankly a slap in the face. I was burnt out on a beautiful desert island and I felt ashamed (I also have a top-performing podcast about this on Fried: The Burnout Podcast).

As a high achieving, purposeful woman, you can probably see how this happened. It's too easy to want one thing and do everything to go get it, but along the way lose the focus or the reason why you started that thing.

Like you starting your coaching business to change lives but actually getting stuck with how to beat the impossible to understand algorithms, messaging that you need an English degree to write and more energy than you needed for your day job.

Frankly - you hardly seem to have time (or clients!) to coach.

So one thing my 16 years as an entrepreneur taught me was what to do and what not to do in a business.

Both are equally important.  

That's how I've managed to earn $150,000 in my online coaching business in 2 years, starting with no clue about the online space, no social media account, no email list, and no idea about the self-development industry!

Oh, and NOT working all the hours. In fact, working an average of 4-5 hours a day, no weekends and Fridays are often off with 2 months of annual "don't open social media" downtime.

It's been equal parts fascinating, frustrating & fun. And it's been 100% rewarding!  

I came to coaching to have the impact I was born to have, to fulfill my purpose, my Dharma.

So now, to continue to fulfill my purpose, I've decided to evolve my business to have a wider impact. That's why I'm offering my 5th round of the Coach 2 CEO Mastermind for the last time, at this investment level, with this much support. I truly know how powerful this mastermind is, the transformation my clients get, and how much of myself I pour into it. The results speak for themselves, see the testimonials on the sales page here.

 You can benefit from my online business success these last 2 years, my ICF Standard coaching skills, NLP Tools for coaching, and also mentorship from 16 years as a Founder and CEO of multiple successful 7-figure businesses.

If you want to be part of this incredibly potent experience to grow as an entrepreneur, to trust yourself as the CEO of your business, and design a wealthy life, then let's make time to talk before the 15th of April (we start on the 20th of April).

Save yourself time, energy and money in the long run. Your future self will thank you for making such a smart decision.

See you in my Zoom room - hit reply to this email to book a time from the sales page, here.

And before you go, let me know - why did you decide to start coaching?

Sending love,


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