Why Take Action Early

business confidence Nov 10, 2022

This one's a truth bomb for the coaches who are dedicated to building a coaching business...I suggest getting a pen a paper and taking some notes.

I'm guessing you're a bit like so many of the amazing coaches I speak to:

✅ motivated by the impact you want to make,

✅ the mission on your heart to see a better world,

✅ the message you know you are here to spread. 

Motivated by your heart's desires and 100% focused on helping others.

Having worked very closely with almost 50 coaches and supported hundreds with training, summits, talks etc I have to break it to you:

❕ a mission, a message, a heart's desire...it's not enough.

❕I wish it was.  I'm sure you desperately want it to be enough.

But for you to truly build trust with the wonderful humans that you want to work with, so they can ask you to coach them and help them change their lives, you have to do some specific business building tasks.

But most coaches don't.  And they let their motivation lesson a little, losing some of their own power.  Maybe this is you?

If it is, possibly you've lost some confidence in becoming a practicing coach.  Eventually, you might think about giving up the dream.

Here's what I know is key if giving up is not an option for you:

You need to:

1️⃣ practice your coaching skills - all the time!

2️⃣ learn to tell people what you do - also known as marketing

3️⃣ learn to help people say yes or no to investing in their next best steps - which is essentially selling your offering

4️⃣ understand how your business works - so this means, managing the money in and out (you need money to live!).

A few more things like managing teams, being committed and curious. But these 4 hats are at the core.

This is a lot of hats to wear for one person!  But to be a full time coach you have to wear them.

And you can!

You don't have to be an influencer,  boss babe, tech wiz, finance guru,  badass leader...but I'll tell you this:

If you want a thriving coaching practice, you can't just sit back and just want to coach.  Not if you want to work for yourself. 

(You can definitely coach for another coaching organisation and support other coaches.  That's also a fabulous way to coach, practice, and make connections.)

But for those that want to make money working for themselves so they can build a business that replaces a corporate salary while working half the hours, then it's essential to learn and take action on the following:

🚀 Understand how to let people know what you do and actually let people know what you do.

🚀 Move from letting them know what you do to supporting them to decide if paying you to work with you is what they truly want.

🚀 Once someone lets you know they want to work with you, actually delivering an epic coaching experience so they feel 100% satisfied with what they paid for.

🚀 Finding a way to keep doing this without feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, confused etc.

Here's what I see gets in the way:

⛔ Not committing to what you are actually helping your clients with

⛔ Not letting people know what you do and how you help people

⛔ Not wanting to ask for money

⛔ Allowing yourself to stay confused about the next steps so not taking any steps

 Staying very busy learning new things, focusing on tasks that don't help you connect with potential clients who can buy things from you, or getting very exhausted thinking about all the things you have to do but not finishing any of them.

 Here are core skills you need to practice:

🪄 Copywriting or being able to connect using words (written or spoken)

🪄 Coaching

That's it - rest you'll learn on the job.  

You will also want to practice being the visionary of your business, so you can direct where it's going over the next 12 months to 5 years.

Also, you'll want to learn some tools like social media, video editing etc. 

But these you'll learn on the job.

Or as they say, clarity comes from taking action.

You can't learn what you need from the sofa, your office, or your bed thinking and worrying about your next steps.  You can only learn it by getting totally obsessed with the success of your business and taking heaps of action.  You will have to get into the arena - that's where you are able to actually get in front of your clients and change their lives!

That's my job - to help you win in the arena.  To give you all the tools to build your sustainable thriving coaching practice by supporting you to make decisions that make you money in your business. CEO decisions.

 You got this,


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