Female Leaders in Business

women in business Apr 29, 2023

It's crazy to me that so few businesses are owned and led by women.

The world needs more Female Bosses like us, am I right?

Female bosses are incredible people - for so many reasons:

🚀 We own our authority

🚀 We see the potential in others

🚀 We balance all the things (family, home, relationships, money)

🚀 We give a damn about more than profit

🚀 We are compassionate to those who work with us and for us

🚀 We keep our egos in check

🚀 We get it done!


But we also deal with...

But despite our amazingness, as female bosses we are often dealing with a whole lot more than running our businesses and pursuing our passion as coaches.

Here are some things that people don't always see about us... 

🤯 People pleasing

🤯 Feeling not enough

🤯 Putting self-care last

🤯 Feeling torn between time building our businesses vs time with our family

🤯 Not harnessing our feminine power

🤯 Undervaluing our work, achievements, gifts, and impact

Can you add to this list?


Knowing your value

If you've been undervaluing yourself, you deserve to change that.

And it starts with you finding your answers through powerful coaching that supports you, not searching for them externally. 

You need to know what's truly holding you back from reaching your next level and change this so you can create a new identity, a CEO identity that can get it done!  

You deserve to receive mentoring from a mentor who really sees you and has the experience to support your journey to get your business where you want it to be.


Taking Action

YOU need to own your desires, your dreams to impact the world, and to live a life by design. You deserve and owe it to yourself to be the most expressed version of yourself.

Mostly you need to see yourself as whole, capable, resourceful, and as the CEO coach that you are.

I absolutely see that in you.

Are you ready to see it in yourself?

Send me a message and tell me your next best steps to becoming the CEO of your coaching biz.

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