You Are Worthy: Knowing that you are enough

business confidence business growth female ceo women in business Dec 15, 2021

You are enough just for being you and you are worthy for all that you want. So why do so many women feel that they are not?

Having spoken to customers in depth from every county in the world in my resort, worked with people in my team of all ages & backgrounds, coached smart capable CEOs, and mentored clients who are growing hugely successful businesses I know that if you can accept this, really accept this, the rest falls into place. 

Accepting You Are Enough

Make “I am worthy and I am enough” your daily mantra for you, your kids, everyone you meet. I believe this to be true for every single one of my clients. And by the time we have worked together in my Power of One Mastermind… they know this to be true about themselves. The the fun begins and it changes everything.

Those of us who can get around mental blocks and believe we are enough, show up, do the work, say what we believe, push for what we want, attract people who truly see us, make offers, lots of offers, take risks & fail epically. Then we recover and try again.

You will begin to realise that you can and will give yourself permission to go for it, dream big, do the damn thing, and know in your soul, you are enough and you are worthy

You Are Not Alone

Working closely with some of the smartest women I know, I am humbled to know how they, we, still fight with this disease of not enough-ness and unworthiness.

Getting to Know You

Here's the truth - when you get to know the most authentic and highest version of you, she will remind you who you are. The enoughness & worthiness must come from within. And once you are her more often than not, the world is a different place, your results change,  you show up in a different way, life is better than you imagined. 

Those in power want us to feel not enough & unworthy, hence the unachievable standards in the media etc. If we are distracted & lack confidence by not feeling enough or worthy, we waste our energy on trying to "be like them" rather than getting to know our true selves. Social Media platforms are a classic example of that! How many times have aimlessly scrolled through Facebook or Instagram only to leave feeling inadequate, that you're not doing enough or you aren't worthy? It's time to end this. 

Power of One

It's time for you to get all you desire, and more.  You are worthy of this and you are enough to go get it. That's just part of the work I do with women in my Power of One programme where we grow your business as you design your life of Freedom, Impact and Wealth. We work on not only being her now, but how to be her more often & how she takes the other parts of you, the ones that will show up to sabotage your progress, on the journey with her. In fact, she makes the other parts of you the hero of the journey. 

In my 4 month mastermind, I coach you to trust your own wisdom and implement strategies so you can design a business and life you love.

If you are a coach who wants to become the CEO of her coaching business, trusting herself to grow her business to 7-figures and beyond, you can only work with Sumeena in her 4-month mastermind or in her 1:1 container.

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